WCBP Testimonials

My Testimonial - I came across WCBP through a very good friend, Titi Adeyemo. Initially I was a bit reserved because I felt it might not be a good experience especially because sometimes I just prefer male friends due of issues women have.

My sisters in WCBP, however, proved me wrong. It has been an enriching experience for me. A case of iron sharpening iron, of having someone to share burdens with prayerfully and of having someone watch your back when it is required.

Sisters have been of help in career, family, beauty, personal matters, etc. Sincerely I can't enumerate them all. WCBP sisters you rock! If I begin to name everyone and what you mean to me I won't be done in a long time. Sometimes it is so unbelievable it all started via a phone.

Thank you Titi for stretching the hand of fellowship. Thank you Fofo for giving to  the Lord, I am the life that was changed... God bless you all

Gbonju - WCBP, Lagos chapter

WCBP has been a lifeline for me. I have been able to share deep feelings unashamedly.

Apart from not being seen while sharing ( glad to share without being under scrutiny....lol), the responses I get give me hope and kindle the fire to continue to fight. Some experiences elicit responses from sisters with similar challenges while some are new to the group as a whole.

Some dreary days are lightened up when I begin to read and chat with the sisters and before I know it, my mood is brighter and the grass greener.

When my BlackBerry was down, everything went down with it cos I didn't hear from my sisters like I was used to and the opportunity to share my burden was not available. My life has moved giant steps forward since meeting WCBP. Thank you Gbonju for the opportunity.

Thank you WCBP, it's been an honour knowing you all.


Women's Leadership Conference, Atlanta

Women Connected by Purpose, (WCBP) held its first Atlanta Women's Leadership Conference on August 1st, 2015, at the Atlanta Holiday Inn, Atlanta Georgia. The event was tagged "Spread your wings beyond Limits". It was an inspiring networking event with 4 speakers in the spotlight and Afro-Indie music by TOSINGER. What some of the attendees had to say:

"Each speaker had a message for me as if I was the only one in the room. Thanks fofo" - Cathy

"This was the confirmation to continue to do what HOD has called me to do" - Tabitha Wilson

"I learnt that iI am an eagle meant to soar on the wings of grace. Not to be afraid to be in the line light" - Funmi Folaranmi

"The WCBP conference was an exceptional event of thriving women in a community of hope, love and authenticity. Thank you fofo, for bringing us all together in unity" - Chawanis Ash

"Session was simply awesome! So inspiring! I realised that stepping out of my comfort zone is so rewarding. I can soar because I know who I am" - Liz Turner