December 2016

WCBP Ibadan is preparing to give back to her immediate environment on 3rd December 2016 at Alafia Institute as we host youths in Mokola, Ibadan by 10am.

It has been tagged... ''Mokola Youth - A brighter Future''

Our focus this year is on Education, an Asset. Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Drug and substance abuse. We plan to reach out to Youths in Mokola area of Ibadan, South Western Nigeria. Three facilitators who have vast experience in the key areas above have been invited and we will communicate to the participants in their local dialect (yoruba). We expect diverse audience from 10 -20years. Both schooled and unschooled, street hawkers, etc. We have sourced for sponsorship items from corporate organisations including school aids that will be donated to the youths.

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Prayer Renewal Time - A prayer meeting at the beginning of the year committing the new year unto God and reshuffling of prayer partners.


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Annual women's conferences across the different chapters focusing on spiritual, emotional and physical wellness and tailored to the need of the communities in which we live in.


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