WCBP, Ibadan Chapter

You are about to be connected to purposeful, graceful and beautiful women of destiny. One that gallantly strolled into a waiting world at peace. The last but not the least of El's (my favorite name for God) creation.The very one who was created and then El thought it's okay to relax and rest now!

Our catch-phrase focuses on 'The Lady, Her Lord, Her Lover and Her Life'. A girl in her youth is like a budding rose flower who shyly unfolds as the sun rises not quite sure what awaits her. She glows all day because she is rooted in her Lord. Then comes the love of her life who enthralls her in love till her petals fall off at sunset.

A woman's intricate beauty comes to the fore when she is aligned to her purpose and passion in life. Her many sided attributes with which she adds colour to the world is birthed on the wings of purpose and flaming passion.

Little wonder, Purpose and Passion gave birth to Women Connected by Purpose. A group of God-loving women, from all works of life having fun as they go through life daily.Sharing experiences, knowledge, success stories, failures (very few),bonding with one another via social media and during physical meetings at least 3 times in a year.

Ordinarily, you would feel strange committing to share or bond with unknown faces and voices and backgrounds. No doubt, it is very natural. What do you do when you feel there is much more to be discovered and you just cannot figure out how to go about it or where to start from?  What do you also do when you feel and know you have so much to give to the world and there is no platform for you to do so yet? WCBP will aid you in purposeful self-discovery. WCBP will offer you that platform. I certainly do know that because it did same for me.

Join us. Partner with us. Sponsor any of our outreach events for the less privileged. Pray with us and for us. Together let us add our unique colour to the world.

Ezinne Ibe
Vice President, WCBP and Ibadan Chapter Coordinator



WCBP, Lagos Chapter

Like you would have observed we are a group of vibrant and purposeful women with a passion to make the world a better place for our Lord.

Sometimes being a woman is despised but one thing I want you to know is that God has a purpose for you and that cannot be relegated. He loves you more than you love yourself and a lot more than other people do too. At WCBP we are passionate about God and what He sent us here to achieve in the lives of our spouses, children and the entire world at large. We, therefore, connect with each other to keep each other sharp just like Proverbs 27:17 recommends.

Our annual activities are only 3 major ones ( a Prayer refreshing/renewal meeting , an  Annual Ladies Conferences/ Seminars and "A Thousand Smiles Initiative" , an outreach to orphanages/less privileged homes and students) while most of our other interaction is on social media. I believe this can be very well tolerated by any Lagosian because of the hectic nature of the town.

Why not join us, partner with us and also pray along as we share the love of Christ in our world that needs love like never before. If you'd like to do any of these, kindly fill the form below and one of us will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Gbonjubola Sanni
Lagos Chapter WCBP Coordinator

+234 802 826 8924
+234 807 269 2134


WCBP, Geneva Chapter

Women Connected by Purpose - Geneva extension, has a vision of bringing women from all walks of life together to inspire, connect, encourage, and edify.

+41 79 514 83 44


WCBP, Atlanta Chapter

Women Connected by Purpose, (WCBP) held its first Atlanta Women's Leadership Conference on August 1st, 2015, at the Atlanta Holiday Inn, Atlanta Georgia. The event was tagged "Spread your wings beyond Limits".

Dr. Olubunmi Akinkugbe