Times & Seasons


Just before mid year in Nigeria, West Africa, an array of beautiful colours on roadside makeshift tables is a common sight in major cities as the rains set in. From bright yellow bananas to green avocado pears, water melons and cucumbers to lush fleshy golden mangoes, hard, brown 3-eyed c

oconuts 'carrying water from heaven', to prickly pine apples, and what have you!

The array of colours remind me of rainbows. It reminds me of God's faithfulness and covenant keeping nature. He sends everything in its season giving human beings all over the world fruits to nourish their mortal bodies. First He sends the rains to the soils and the trees bloom with colours. Most fruits are eaten raw as they come already 'cooked' by the Creator.

And guess what? He embeds seed(s) inside each fruit that there may be continuity. He gives you the fruit for today and the seed for tomorrow. Some of the seeds like grass are able to thrive once they come in contact with a grain of sand! God is sure a master planner.

Borrow a leaf from that and keep your seed from your fruit that your flourishing may know no end.