½ Time Checks in June!


Proverbs 30:19 ...“The way of an eagle in the sky, the way of a snake on a rock, the way of a ship on the high seas, and the way of a man with a young woman”.

June - the middle and the end. The peak. The gradient.

In football, the 45 minutes half time during a match is usually a critical time for both teams and their coaches. The footballers who are the main actors need to hear what the coach who ‘acts’ from behind the scene has to say be it …encouragement, instructions, reminders, reprimands.

How time flies is a common saying but looking at the clock, one may not see the clock hands ‘flying’. The writer of Proverbs says 4 things are too amazing to him. The way of the eagle and the way of the snake in their natural habitats speak of amazing skillfulness firstly from their genes and also from use and mastery. Both glide, but in different terrains though. The former cannot glide on rocks and the latter certainly cannot glide in high altitudes. But one thing is obvious and can't be taken away from them.

My dream is different from yours. It is important I encourage, instruct, remind and reprimand myself as the case might be. ½ time affords one the opportunity for status checks and self appraisal. Am I making good use of all the weaponries at my disposal to achieve my dream? Am I going up the hill or racing down the slope far from my dreams and purpose? Am I gathering momentum or losing steam? Am I dusting off staleness to embrace dynamism? Talk about the way of a ship on the high seas. This is possible because there is a compass and a helm mounted by a helmsman. The compass ensures ship is headed in the right direction. Nothing should be left to chance as one steers through the mighty waters of life.

The way of a man with a young woman is an ancient mystery till date. At the beginning, it is marked with zing and zest. Freshness and excitement all day long as each discovers the other. Over time, it waxes and wanes if not fueled. Appraise your self in line with your dreams. Be your own coach. Pause and ponder what to do differently for a better result as the first half of 2016 prepares to wrap up into oblivion. Then go and do likewise this June.