Hail March 2016!


Celebrate the girl in you!

Celebrate the woman in You!

Take a good look at your self in the mirror, you are wonderfully and fearfully made. Let out a song and a good laugh

Here: 5 P’s for you this season

    1.Pamper yourself : Relax, release and let go the ‘letgoables’, rejuvenate, laugh out loud and live life to the fullest. Do what you like doing and have a swing, reassure yourself you can still hit that target right on time. Dust off staleness by taking a personal development course. Read a book and upgrade yourself.

    2.Pamper a mother figure in your life: ‘Mother’s Day’ is marked in March in most parts of the world. Who is worth celebrating in your life? Biological Mom? A mentor? An aunt? Elder sister? Go ahead in your own way and let her know you appreciate her a great deal.

    3.Pamper another woman with kindness: Kindness is a good act that goes round. Feel the joy of lending a helping hand to a sister and a friend. Buy someone a lovely gift. It need not be expensive, just a show of love in March!

    4.Pamper and mentor a younger lady: Invest your time in someone younger. See things from a younger person’s perspective. Provide guidance when and where needed. Lend a listening ear.

    5.Pamper a little girl with a book: 3rd March is World Book Day designated by UNESCO as a worldwide celebration of books and reading. Buy a book for a little girl you know. Read it for her and get into the world of a girl again. Age is in the mind they say.

Go have fun, its March 2016