Times & Seasons


Just before mid year in Nigeria, West Africa, an array of beautiful colours on roadside makeshift tables is a common sight in major cities as the rains set in. From bright yellow bananas to green avocado pears, water melons and cucumbers to lush fleshy golden mangoes, hard, brown 3-eyed c

oconuts 'carrying water from heaven', to prickly pine apples, and what have you!

The array of colours remind me of rainbows. It reminds me of God's faithfulness and covenant keeping nature. He sends everything in its season giving human beings all over the world fruits to nourish their mortal bodies. First He sends the rains to the soils and the trees bloom with colours. Most fruits are eaten raw as they come already 'cooked' by the Creator.

And guess what? He embeds seed(s) inside each fruit that there may be continuity. He gives you the fruit for today and the seed for tomorrow. Some of the seeds like grass are able to thrive once they come in contact with a grain of sand! God is sure a master planner.

Borrow a leaf from that and keep your seed from your fruit that your flourishing may know no end.


½ Time Checks in June!


Proverbs 30:19 ...“The way of an eagle in the sky, the way of a snake on a rock, the way of a ship on the high seas, and the way of a man with a young woman”.

June - the middle and the end. The peak. The gradient.

In football, the 45 minutes half time during a match is usually a critical time for both teams and their coaches. The footballers who are the main actors need to hear what the coach who ‘acts’ from behind the scene has to say be it …encouragement, instructions, reminders, reprimands.

How time flies is a common saying but looking at the clock, one may not see the clock hands ‘flying’. The writer of Proverbs says 4 things are too amazing to him. The way of the eagle and the way of the snake in their natural habitats speak of amazing skillfulness firstly from their genes and also from use and mastery. Both glide, but in different terrains though. The former cannot glide on rocks and the latter certainly cannot glide in high altitudes. But one thing is obvious and can't be taken away from them.

My dream is different from yours. It is important I encourage, instruct, remind and reprimand myself as the case might be. ½ time affords one the opportunity for status checks and self appraisal. Am I making good use of all the weaponries at my disposal to achieve my dream? Am I going up the hill or racing down the slope far from my dreams and purpose? Am I gathering momentum or losing steam? Am I dusting off staleness to embrace dynamism? Talk about the way of a ship on the high seas. This is possible because there is a compass and a helm mounted by a helmsman. The compass ensures ship is headed in the right direction. Nothing should be left to chance as one steers through the mighty waters of life.

The way of a man with a young woman is an ancient mystery till date. At the beginning, it is marked with zing and zest. Freshness and excitement all day long as each discovers the other. Over time, it waxes and wanes if not fueled. Appraise your self in line with your dreams. Be your own coach. Pause and ponder what to do differently for a better result as the first half of 2016 prepares to wrap up into oblivion. Then go and do likewise this June.


That I MAY burn brighter


The path of the righteous is like the morning sun, shining ever brighter till light of day. Proverbs 4:18.

Growing up in the early eighties, I cherished sitting on my specially made wooden stool in my grandmother’s mud kitchen to watch her make fire from pieces of crushed, dry palm kernel shells and sludge-like fibers gotten from the mills after palm oil has been processed. She handpicks each item – firewood, coconut shell, crushed palm kernel shells, three stones and then strikes a match. She keeps adjusting all the materials till the teeny-weeny fire burns brightly. Then she balances the cooking pot. The cracking sound as the firewood burns out, the peculiar smell of fire and heat in the small kitchen sets the stage for meal time.

If it does not burn, it is not fire. If it does not shine, it is not the sun. Some things are just clear cut. It is either day or night. White or black. A Christian is either growing in faith or floundering in fear. No in-between. God’s mind for you and I is point blank in Proverbs 4:18.

Increase. Multiplication. Brighter. Better. Hopeful. More. Fulfillment. Add to the list.

Like the sun, rise up every morning and be determined to shine against all odds. Be poised to face your challenges head-on. Let the month of May offer you another opportunity to make a landmark and shine ever brightly.May your journey also be smooth this MAY!


Hail March 2016!


Celebrate the girl in you!

Celebrate the woman in You!

Take a good look at your self in the mirror, you are wonderfully and fearfully made. Let out a song and a good laugh

Here: 5 P’s for you this season

    1.Pamper yourself : Relax, release and let go the ‘letgoables’, rejuvenate, laugh out loud and live life to the fullest. Do what you like doing and have a swing, reassure yourself you can still hit that target right on time. Dust off staleness by taking a personal development course. Read a book and upgrade yourself.

    2.Pamper a mother figure in your life: ‘Mother’s Day’ is marked in March in most parts of the world. Who is worth celebrating in your life? Biological Mom? A mentor? An aunt? Elder sister? Go ahead in your own way and let her know you appreciate her a great deal.

    3.Pamper another woman with kindness: Kindness is a good act that goes round. Feel the joy of lending a helping hand to a sister and a friend. Buy someone a lovely gift. It need not be expensive, just a show of love in March!

    4.Pamper and mentor a younger lady: Invest your time in someone younger. See things from a younger person’s perspective. Provide guidance when and where needed. Lend a listening ear.

    5.Pamper a little girl with a book: 3rd March is World Book Day designated by UNESCO as a worldwide celebration of books and reading. Buy a book for a little girl you know. Read it for her and get into the world of a girl again. Age is in the mind they say.

Go have fun, its March 2016


There goes Fabulous Fair February…


There goes February, Here comes March!

March, the month of spring. Beautiful beginnings. Freshness. New life springing forth. Blooming flowers, brightly colored lilies, budding roses, green meadows.

Against all odds, prepare to celebrate something in you as a woman.

Celebrate your past, your present and your future. Take stock, it will give you a bearing. Check your diary, run through the cabinets in your brain for projects you planned at the beginning of 2016. Look at the gaps in the way stopping you from closing in on your goals.

In all, put up a smile and relaunch if you have to. March on in March. You are worth celebrating!