About WCBP

Women Connected by Purpose (WCBP) is an international platform with a vision to connect women of all ages, marital status, physical statistics, temperaments together, across nations, enabling and energizing them to find purpose and make an impact in their world.

At Women Connected By Purpose (WCBP), we intend to empower God fearing, Psychadelic, Smart & Self-Motivated Women, Connected By Purpose..beyond borders, by helping to build a strong connection with the Lady, Her Lord, Her Lover, and Her Life.

What started as a blackberry group on July 15th, 2012, with just 2 members, has since grown in leaps and bounds bringing together women of different cultures, age, profession and backgrounds across the world.

Whether you have been a member of Women Connected By Purpose (WCBP) from the onset or just planning to join us, we've all got ONE THING in common- WE ARE WOMEN, fearfully and wonderfully made, specially and patiently carved out of MAN, and God has a PURPOSE for your life and mine.

So far, defying distance and physical attraction, we've proven the ties that bind are not carnal.

Together, attaining, Together strengthening, Together rejoicing, Together cheering.

We love you and look forward to sharing great memories, testimonies, and empowering stories of God's faithfulness in your lives.


You are not just a woman, you are God-crafted.

You are not just a woman, you birth nations.

You are not just a woman, you build destinies.

You are not just a woman, You are a rare gem!

God bless you!

Mofoluwaso Ilevbare (President, WCBP Organization)